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Episode 24: NBA All Star Break

Episode 24: NBA All Star Break

February 19, 2018

The NBA All Star Weekend is here and Trav & Josh look back on the Cleveland Cavilers trades and look at the standings at the halfway point. 

The Super Bowl is over but still some big news coming out of the NFL. Big Free Agent signings, Payton Manning going to MNF, and Larry Fitzgerald wins a golf tournament. 

Josh is all about the Curling events in the Winter Olympics, while Trav is still waiting for some more Snowboarding events. 


Episode  23: Super Bowl LII Recap

Episode 23: Super Bowl LII Recap

February 7, 2018

Josh & Trav get right into it on this Super Bowl LII recap. The Eagles finally get off the teams not to win a Super Bowl list and Josh is riding on cloud 9. Trav tries to talk him down and recap the game. 

The NFL also rolls out their 2018 Hall of Fame class with Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher, and Brian Dawkins as headliners. 

Trav and Josh get into their favorite Winter Olympic sports. 

Cavs have a lot of drama in the locker room, as rumors swirl that LeBron will go to the Warriors next season, Blake Griffin heads to Detroit and James Harden balls out with a 60 point triple double. 

Or first ever double winner of the "Big Dummy" of the week. 

Episode 22: NFL Championship Games

Episode 22: NFL Championship Games

January 23, 2018

Trav and Josh recap both the AFC and NFC Championship games between the Jaguars and Patriots and the Vikings and Eagles. Anything different Jacksonville could have done to win verse New England? We have a couple callers on the If It's Sports hotline to celebrate the Eagles big win over the Vikings. Josh reminds all Eagles' fans including himself that it is time the Eagles win a SuperBowl. What is going to be the storylines for SuperBowl 52?

Zion Williamson makes his announcement and heads to an already loaded Duke 2018 Class.  Bucks Fire Jason Kidd, everyone is fighting in the NBA, and Cavs hit a rough stretch of games. 

Episode 21: NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

Episode 21: NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round

January 16, 2018

After some of the plays and coaching calls in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, Trav had to start the show with a few "Big Dummies" of the week. Once that is out of the way it allows them to Recap the games, where Josh reminds everyone he went 4-0 with is picks. The guys look ahead to the Championship Round with the Jacksonville vs New England and the Minnesota vs Philidelphia match ups. Trav and Josh make their picks and have one last chance to change their Super Bowl picks. With some more teams out of the playoffs, there have been a few coaching hires starting to shape up. 

NBA saw the Cavilers taken on the Warriors in a huge matchup with NBA Finals implications. What has happened to Markelle Fultz's shot? 

In college basketball, it is just Trae Young's world and we all are living in it. Plus some more shake-up in the top 25. 

Before Josh and Trav leave they pay tribute to Keith Jackson, one of the greatest that ever called a college football game. 



Episode 20: National Championship Podcast

Episode 20: National Championship Podcast

January 12, 2018

What a College Football National Championship Game we had between Alabama and Georgia! Trav and Josh recap the game, break down the big plays and talk about the guts it took by Nick Saban to put in Tua Tagovailoa at halftime. A few big name players are going into the College Football Hall of Fame, the guys reminisce over some of the players. 

The Wildcard Round saw some great games and one not so great game. After a quick recap, Josh and Trav break down the round 2 matchups. Give their favorites to get to the Super Bowl now, and Josh tries to get out of the hot water for calling Brady a system QB. 

It's the Winter and we still get to talk baseball as Trav and Josh both put together their Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. 

In hoops, we talk the injury bug that keeps hitting the Spurs, All-Star Voting, and the latest news on the Ball family. In College Basketball the top spot is hard to hold on to, Trav gets into a little WVA hoops talk and Trae Young continuing to ball out. 

Trav goes back to the National Championship game to find this week's Big Dummy. 


Episode 19: Football Football and More Football

Episode 19: Football Football and More Football

January 3, 2018

The first podcast that is Blessed by Lil B the BasedGod gets 2018 off with a bang! Tons of football coverage as Josh and Trav recap some of their favorite bowl games to watch. The get into if there are too many bowl games now, should UCF have been in the playoffs, and the most entertaining game of the bowl season, the Georgia vs Oklahoma game. The guys also get into a heated discussion on if the playoff field should be expanded. 

The teams are set for the NFL playoffs and Trav and Josh give their key points to the first round matchups. Trav feels the 49ers now have a franchise QB in Jimmy Garoppolo, who should win the NFL MVP this season, and some of the coaching changes going on in the offseason. 

Some star players return in the NBA, another star goes down for the Rockets, and Anthony Davis breaks a guy's face dunking. 

What a Saturday we say in college basketball, get a quick recap of some of the highlights. 

Trav hands out three "Big Dummies" of the week. 


Best of If It’s Sports Volume 2

Best of If It’s Sports Volume 2

December 26, 2017

Josh & Trav are on off this week for a Chrismas break, so Jacob the Intern is left in charge to create a best of episode. Of course, Jacob the Intern goes to the clip where he hosts the One Up segment first. Then adds in when he pulls a fast one on Josh. The guys get into some Eagles talk after a tough loss to Seattle and the Carson Wentz injury. Jacob also finds a clip where there talk about the league-wide injury issue that is facing the NFL. Who would have ever thought Josh and Trav would get called Cheeseheads, but it happened! 

Who could forget when Trav and Josh spoke with Keith Mister Jennings about his time at ETSU and an upcoming movie project that is in the works. Jacob calls out the click bait Tiger is Back headline. Trav gives some NBA talk on how he isn't impressed with the defense so far. We had to throw in one college football clip just to round out the show. 

Hope you enjoy, and the guys will be back with a regular podcast next week!

Episode 18: NFL Playoff Picture

Episode 18: NFL Playoff Picture

December 20, 2017

Trav & Josh start off the show diving into the controversial plays and calls in the Patriots vs Steelers games. This those bunch of cheeseheads break down the return of Aaron Rodgers as Green Bay takes on the Carolina Panthers. Rams impress as they take down Seattle and Todd Gurley racks up the Touch Downs. Trav looks like he is in good shape for the Chiefs to take the AFC West crown with a win over the Chargers. Don't wear tight jeans around Jerry Richardson, but that has nothing to do with him wanting to sell the Carolina Panthers. Diddy steps up and puts his name in the hat to be the next owner.  There is some shakeup in the Week 15 NFL Power Rankings. And to wrap up the NFL coverage they take a closer look at the playoff picture. 

College Football has 9 bowl games over the next week, but none really peak the guys' interest. But it is the week of National Signing day so we're sure some drama will come out of that. 

New Segment "One Up" hosted by Jacob the Intern as he lets Josh and Trav give their hot takes on 3 hand picked questions. Who will win this week's One Up debate?

NBA coverage focuses on Manu Ginobili, Kobe's jersey retirement, Chris Paul undefeated as a Rocket, and the planned return of Isaiah Thomas. And in college hoops, Trae Young, Freshman from Oklahoma is setting the world of college basketball on fire. Recap of some big games and the AP Top 10.

Who's going to show off and earn the "Big Dummy" of the week honors. 

Episode 17: There Wentz The Eagles’ Season

Episode 17: There Wentz The Eagles’ Season

December 12, 2017

Trav has to handle the intro to the show as Josh is too distraught with the news that Carson Wentz is out for the season after the Eagles were able to win a big game versus the Rams.  Panthers land their signature win over an NFC opponent. Bills and Colts battle it out in an epic Snow Bowl game. Josh and Trav ask you to help them set the wager for the winner of the AFC West. And Roger Goodell gets paid. 

Who's moving in the If It's Sports NFL Power Rankings, and games to watch in Week 15 of the NFL season. 

Army and Navy wrap up the College Football regular season, and next Saturday will start Bowl Season with 5 games. Regular caller Jamie gets a dig in with the Wentz injury and ask about the Tennessee coaching hire of Jeremy Pruitt. 

 Real Bronx Bombers with the addition of Giancarlo Stanton. Shohei Ohtani signs with the Angels. The Modern Baseball Era Committee adds two new members to the Hall of Fame. And a local baseball legend, Tracy Stallard died this week. 

NBA looks at the ageless wonder: LeBron James. Spurs hope to get Kawhi Leonard back, and Liangelo and LaMelo Ball sign a professional basketball contract with a Lithuanian team.  

College basketball has some shake-up of the AP top 5, and a look ahead of some big games to watch this week. 

Try to go into the stands and you'll get our "Big Dummy" of the week. 


Episode 16: Championship Week Recap - Is Tiger Woods Back?

Episode 16: Championship Week Recap - Is Tiger Woods Back?

December 6, 2017

Trav and Josh dig into the College Football the Conference Championship games and give their thoughts on how the section committee did on the four teams that made the playoffs. If you thought last week was amazing drama for the coaching carousel this week just picked up where the last one left off. Tennessee fires their AD and brings in Phil Fulmer, Jimbo Fisher jumps ship and heads to Texas A&M, FSU hires Willie Taggart, and Scott Frost heads home to Nebraska. The guys give out their helmet stickers and talk the final candidates for the Heisman Trophy. We must highlight a few of the Bowl Games to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Eagles win streak is snapped up in Seattle, Cleveland is still winless looking like a lock for the top draft spot with the Giants and 49ers battling it out for that second spot. Chiefs keep heading in the wrong direction and are now in a 3-way tie in the AFC West, and if you bet the over on the Jets you are happy with their 5-game win total. See who cracks this week’s NFL Power Ranking

Is Tiger Back? How many times does the media get to use this headline?

A quarter of the way through the NBA season, Josh and Trav look at the slow start of the Thunder, the Cavs on a hot streak, and all the star players getting ejected in the past week. Has Lonzo Ball been a bust so far?

Top 5 in College Basketball didn’t seem much of a change, but LiAngelo Ball sees a change as Lavar pulls him out of UCLA.

It was another good week for dummies in the “Big Dummies” of the week segment!